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Labyrinth of the mind

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"Labyrinth of the mind", by Erik Pevernagie, (100 x 100 cm) , Oil on canvas.

Things as they appear every day and as they are engraved in our memory, facts and occurrences as they are perceived by senses, create an intricate labyrinth in the mind. The way how things are experienced in our environment and how they react in the arsenal of our imagination, creates a torrent of inspiring ideas that flood the speedy highways of our brains.

The brain absorbs all the phenomena of our daily life, constructs a maze of countless corridors that run through our mind and opens numerous unconscious wishes and subdued desires, which are processed in the labyrinths of our being.

Giving an abstract representation of the phenomena, which we encounter in life, is an illustration of "phenomenological painting". By letting things come with Heidegger releasement, with a Chinese attitude of Wu-Wei, with a spirit of "let it be, let it be" of the Beatles, all the elements in the labyrinth of our mind can eventually find their right place.

Phenomenon : mind, memory,phenomenology

Factual starting point :human amid linear lines