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Could still feel the smell of fear.

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"Could still feel the smell of fear" by Erik Pevernagie , Oil on canvas, 80 x 100

Being scared is contagious.

Similar to fear of flying can be passed on to others, the smell of fear can be sensed by people who are present in outlandish places or fussy situations.

It can be apprehended through the nose, the brain, the memory or the emotion. It can be captured through a sixth sense.

Chemical signs and secrete pheromonal codes, which are released by the body, when people are anxious or terrified, can be smelled by others and can even rouse panic in their brains. Frightened people give off "pheromones" - hormones - that subliminally activate parts of the brain, which are linked with fear.

A concealed biological element in the behaviour of individuals and groups, can discharge emotional stress that can become 'contagious"'.

We may ask what is the quality of the scent of fear. Is it metaphorical, literal, affecting , physical or sensual. I can have a musty, a stale, a mildewed or a sour taste.

The way we perceive it, will be experienced quite individually, as the personal emotion and history is significantly involved. So will it be possible to sense the smell of fear in a place or at a time even after many years.

Phenomenon : Smell of fear

Factual starting point : Person in vertiginous space