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I am on my own side, but I can listen

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I am on my own side, but I can listen , by Erik Pevernagie Oil on canvas, (80 x 100 cm)

Picture outlines a dialectic case of egocentrism versus goodwill.

How can we reconcile " individuality " and " otherness ". How do we bring together two dialectic poles: 'me' and the 'other'. Building up a 'personality' is essential and therefor self-esteem is required.

When we allow ourselves to show some patience and take the time to listen to the others, we can increase our receptiveness.

Open-mindedness can help us to assess our life experience, raise our self-regard and our self-confidence. .

Phenomenon: individuality, otherness, personality, self-esteem, open-mindedness, receptiveness

Factual starting point of the pictureː man in his court.