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In fact, was it worth while?

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"Was it all worth while?" , by Erik Pevernagie, oil on canvas, 85 x60 cm

What is a lasting value in an ever changing, utterly edgy society? What is the meaning of a long term objective in a short term spirit? What is the sense of loyalty in a perpetually shifting world and what is the import of "commitment" in a rapidly altering relationship. How should one keep a balanced spirit, if the standards are continuously reshuffled? How can one make up for the time and energy spent in some people's behalf, if everything seems to have been a game and a waste of time?

"It was all a misunderstanding" or "I liked what the other did but with hindsight I feel he didn't do what I really liked" could be simple excuses of an "easy come, easy go" syndrome.

"Was it all worthwhile?" is the question one asks when emotional investment has lost the war against ephemerality and transitoriness.

Phenomenon: reflection about value, commitment, relationship, emotional investment

Actual starting point of the picture: Person leaving. .