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Words had disappeared

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"Words had disappeared, by Erik Pevernagie,oil on canvas, 100 x 130 cm.

When words have vanished, when daily habits have extinguished any emotional exchange, only killing silence may remain, and indifference takes over.

The moment we feel smothered by an unbearable emptiness in our lives, let us give way to the burning urge to 'suspend time' and create space to build 'content' and 'scope' for a new reality.

We should explore our inner selves, get acquainted with our real identity, and recognize the odd sides of our being. This allows us to view others from different angles, see them in a new light, and distinguish possible misunderstandings from the past.

Let us not wait until the specter of solitude and isolation crawls into the alleys of our lives. Let us not let the veiled threat of despair thrust us into oppression through our deficiency in interaction and expand the frailty and anxiety of our existence. Let us reach out, talk instead, use authentic language in unambiguous wordings, and connect the dots without fear.

Sly vendors of tears who like to provoke emotional wreckage should be eschewed intently. Let us not be content with fake commitments but care for genuine concern. When we listen attentively to what tears tell us, we can comprehend their story. Empathy allows us to interpret and respond supportively since tears can convey awareness and identify fear, grief, shortage, or joy.
Phenomenon: Communication


Factual starting point of the picture: Two persons sitting backward.