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On a doggy day

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"On a doggy day" , by Erik Pevernagie,(80 x 100 cm)

The human kind is very diversified. In the human fauna we view a multitude of creatures with differentiated behaviors and tastes. Every man and every woman have their own history and may wrestle with their own past.

Maybe some of them have been confronted with traumas from yesteryear and been compelled to master interior clashes. For the mainstream social order, giving way to phantasms, may be considered as socially unusual and weird.

Leopold von Sacher-Masoch and Marquis de Sade did not invent the phenomenon of masochism , sadism, BDSM. They described what has existed for ages. Alfred Binet did not invent Fetishism either. He formulated it.

In an open society we may expect space for tolerance and indulgence. The "normality barometer" should not condemn automatically the digressions in human behaviour.

Phenomenon : Fetishism

Factual starting point : Human enchained