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Another empty room

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"Another empty room" , by Erik Pevernagie, 80 x 100 cm, Oil on canvas

Another empty room. Falling in love is like entering a promised land that offers hope and dreams. It is experienced like a room filled with romantic ecstasy and intense comprehensiveness, putting everything in the shade.

Love has the power to create a unique room of brightness and richness in the lives of people. But happiness may have a temporary mood, though. Daily routine may kill dreamy or passionate memories. The constraint of the room may become oppressive and the emptiness unbearable. The room loses then its original fullness and turns into a place of nothingness , a domain well described by French author "Jean-Paul Sartre".

Also Austrian writer "Stefan Zweig" has experienced the oppression of the emptiness of the room: “Time to leave now, get out of this room, go somewhere, anywhere; sharpen this feeling of happiness and freedom, stretch your limbs, fill your eyes, be awake, wider awake, vividly awake in every sense and every pore.”

"Franz Kafka" writes his feelings to Milena : “Sometimes I have the feeling that we're in one room with two opposite doors and each of us holds the handle of one door, one of us flicks an eyelash and the other is already behind his door, and now the first one has but to utter a word ad immediately the second one has closed his door behind him and can no longer be seen. ...sometimes even both are behind the doors and the beautiful room is empty.”

Phenomenon: Quality of relationship

''Factual starting point: Room with man and woman embracing