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All the words he always wanted to tell her.

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"All the words he always wanted to tell her." , by Erik Pevernagie, 100 x 80 cm, oil on canvas xx

The timeless moments between 'being in the nick of time' and 'missing out' may captivate our thinking and arouse a spell of time traveling.

Those moments may be unsuspected anchor points in our lives, confer an astounding depth to our daily experiences, and throw a stunning light on the history of our being.

This impression remains instilled in our mental construction since memory can be pig-headed and wants us to follow its whims along with the blips and dips of our timeline.

Many people delay important matters, hold up urgent statements, and often forget the right words at the right moment for people they care for and who need sympathy.

"Sorry! We haven't got the time right now." "Later! Yes, we'll do it later. Promised!" "We have so many things on hand. We'll do it next time!" But they forget their engagement because they suffer from procrastination!

When the fatidic moment strikes and the point of no return comes, everything is irretrievably too late since the endeared and valued people have vanished.

What remains then are feelings of irreparable mental damage, regret, and remorse.

When grief impounds our thinking and eats our brains, it seeps through all the cracks in our daily lives. Only the soothing wind of comforting words may counter the withering twilight and the frostiness of darkness.

If we fail to be 'in time,' we will ignore the magic of timeless moments and miss out on the captivating spell of time traveling.

– Mark Twain : “Never put off till tomorrow what may be done the day after tomorrow just as well.”

Phenomenon: procrastination

Factual starting point of the picture: physical disappearance of a person and its mental consequences.