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Amour en friche

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""Amour en friche"" - ""Fallow lying girl "" , by Erik Pevernagie, 100 x 80 cm, oil on canvas

In memory of "Amy Winehouse"

One day one may feel as if energy and enthusiasm are quenched, feelings are dried up and emotions scorched, love and affection are tangled in a harsh and uninviting setting. Nothing seems to grow anymore. No seed. No flowers. No foreseeable hope. No conceivable prospects. The girl in the painting lies fallow in a scattered structure, in the minimalistic set of an untilled surrounding, in a wasteland, devoid of passion. Any blossom of expectation seems to have become an illusion and life appears to have come to a standstill. If no seed of loving care is sown, no bud can come into flower.

Singer "Amy Winehouse" felt like lying fallow in the ground of a wasteland "with tears dry, dying a hundred times, going back to black" and leaving eventually for a place of ultimate sorrow and heartbreak, for a point of no return.

Phenomenon: Love in need of attention and consideration''.

Factual starting point: Girl lying