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Absence of beauty was like hell

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  1. "Absence of beauty was like hell" (100 x 100 cm) , by Erik Pevernagie

    John Keats versus Immanual Kant

    Poet John Keats was fascinated by beauty. " A thing of beauty is a joy for ever." : Beauty is a source of recurring joy and happiness. Philosopher Emanuel Kant distinguishes the "BEAUTIFUL" from the "SUBLIME" . The beautiful pleases universally. It is object of a necessary delight. The"sublime", however, is not to be found in nature, but only in our own ideas, in our own mind. But what do we do, when beauty is absent? What, when botox has failed?

    Many people are ready to die for beauty and prepared to go through an infernal desert of starvation. Absence of beauty means ultimate loneliness. Absence of beauty means guilt and exile into a no-man’s land. Life is an outcast’s journey through a gloomy valley, when beauty has forsaken."