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Brussels with a view to the sea

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"Life with sea view" , by Erik Pevernagie, oil on canvas,100 x 100 cm

When we feel abandoned along the road of indifference, we can jam our path into our thinking mind, breaking free from the shackles of inattention, getting our life together, uncovering our identity, and resurfacing in a world of sympathy and understanding.

When we come to face the entangled vagaries on the chessboard of our life, let us not shrink from using the queen’s gambit to disentwine predictable hassles or diffuse incendiary plots if we want to take control of our being and make our dreams come true, transparent, and straightforward.

Let us indulge in life with sea view, free, pure, oxygenated, out looking at a dream of liberty and ensuring a breathable environment.


If we want to add human interaction to the panorama of our lifescape, the sustainability and the expectancy description of our emotions are momentous. Cracks in relations can be "restored," whereas breakups have to be "repaired." For 'repairs,' we need proper tools, respectively, concrete commitments, and endurance. For 'restoration,' we need exceptional talent and subtle adroitness to realize a perfect replica of the original emotional canvas.


Phenomenon: Life with a prospect

Factual starting point: Woman, sail boats