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Finally unbend

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Finally unbend , by Pevernagie, oil on canvas, 100 x 80 cm

After dispelling love or ravaging hate has done its work, we may come into remission from sorrow or regret and needn’t freak out while creating a soothing space for cuddling up into the warmth of a new haven.

If we don’t want life to pass us by, while the world is swiveling around us, let’s look inwards and turn things upside down in the inner chambers of our mind. Only after reshuffling our rooted values can we look outwards, find out the fascination of life, and rediscover our selves, layer after layer.

We have to loosen up in the course of our life journey sometime. Maybe, like the tired traveler unbending in the quietness of his bedroom after an exhausting trip.

When we retreat timely into a break of reflection, we can conquer the sanity of our mental condition and find a piece of stillness amid the bustle of the world.