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Skyward, over and above

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"Skyward, over and above". Erik Pevernagie, oil on canvas (100 x 80cm)

Man likes to move and wants to go places. He is always on the road. Once his horizontal mobility is obstructed, he takes a vertical direction. He goes skyward and starts challenging the mysteries of his imagination.

If we allow ourselves to stay amazed and astounded at the vibrant instants of every day and do not feel ashamed of admitting to being speechless or dumbfounded sometimes, we can uncover unsuspected sparkling gems hidden in the nooks crannies of our mind.

Architects, artists, and construction engineers find pleasure in discovering the many architectural possibilities and creating structural jewels in their challenge of height and elevation. In their creative journey, they defy the impossible and make the unworkable work.

Therefore, let our peers be inventive and not be content with merely ‘formatting’ generations. Instead, we focus on cultivating and enlightening them, ensuring independent thinking where acceptance is at pace with challenge and trust steers clear of gullibility.

Instead of kneading our habits into irreversible certainties and fidgeting in the boredom of our comforts, let us fantasy and creativity come to their own and brighten our day.

Phenomenon: Architecture, creativity, fantasy

Factual starting point: Building