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Measuring space

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Measuring space , by Erik Pevernagie, oil on canvas, 100 x 100 cm


During the play-act of life, errors can clash with our conventional truth and compel us to prepare new ground for another truth concept that will replace the old truth model. Be that as it may, let us fly on the wings of our inspiration, value the day, enjoy the now, and be ready because the new blueprint may only remain valid until it dies by natural death on its turn.

We need not be afraid of second-guessing our firm convictions or our holy truths because they often look like dazzling poppies or scented daffodils wilting after a while as if they had never existed.

While they prefer to avoid cracks and flaws, many choose to recalibrate their lives, weigh, and assess what they perceive. Distrusting vague descriptions and suspecting “loose ends,” they seek to measure the world. Precision and transparency are their passion that can help balance their thoughts and still their mind. Measuring is knowing, and the right measurement offers them knowledge and inner peace.

Even with their emotions, people may appeal to their hunger for measuring. If they misjudge the allowable bearing capacity of their love commitment, they might have to suffer the unforeseen consequences of the rash steps they took.

So can ‘measuring space’ mean ‘recognizing the infinite narrowness.’ Man, stranded between the infinitely small and the infinitely large, may have problems understanding his ‘being in the world,’ and might feel outlandish in the vacuums within the world.

More measurably and factually oriented, German geographer Alexander von Humboldt was fascinated by measuring the world and undertook his captivating travels, described by Daniel Kehlmann in his novel “ Measuring the World “(German: Die Vermessung der Welt).

Phenomenon: Measurability of space

Factual starting point: Man measuring space