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Esprit d’Escalier

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"Esprit d’escalier" - "Wit of the staircase" , by Erik Pevernagie, oil on canvas,(90 x 65 cm)


Let us not ponder over biting ripostes that are thought of just seconds too late on our way home. Rather than awkwardly stumbling on the flight of steps to verbal avenge and tormenting ourselves with the wit of the staircase and its pointless ruminations or self-righteous vanity, we better transcend the shallow waters of narcissism and find harmony by resourcing ourselves in humility.

Common sense is our seventh sense that is guiding our personality. It embraces all other secured senses growing in the shadow of humbleness without being dissipated by disputes, showdowns, or down-right self-righteousness.

If we keep on beating about circumstantial futilities and remain plodding along in the hollowness of weasel words, we need not expect to discover genuine answers to fundamental questions challenging us.

When we follow the right compass and focus on the heart of the matter, we need not worry about what we should have said and how we should have done.

Phenomenon: Wit of the staircase

Factual starting point: Man walking away on the stair case