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"Resilience" , by Erik Pevernagie, Oil on canvas,

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"Resilience" , by Erik Pevernagie, Oil on canvas, (100 x 80 cm) x

If we feel like deers in headlights, let us tread lightly, back up for some time, and rebound later while building on our desire to empower our backbone and guts, restore our identity and kindle our fury of living.

The pandemics may have paralyzed us and hindered many from breathing freely and consciously. Only if we discover the timelessness of the moment may we encounter the blue sky in our minds and fly high into the light of happy expectations.

Many may find themselves confronting a new reality, while some face scary circumstances. They have to reconsider their life or start from scratch as unexpected occurrences unsettle them. Therefore, let us not hesitate to say a blunt "No" when push comes to shove.

Once we handle the truth, it must be without "ifs" and "buts." We need clean air and clear water. Since haggling with transparency is not in the cards, let us step down from the traditional "It Is What It Is" and definitively go for resilience.

In discovering the world, the "I" must meet otherness and converge with the "we." If we are ready to leave our castle's safety, we can confront our sensitiveness with "outwardness," enhancing our insight and tuning our life patterns.

A universal vision and a joint interest are steppingstones for full-blown empathy. Through empathy, we seize the pulsating assets of 'sharing,' sharing precious values with others.

Phenomenon: Resilience

Factual starting point: Woman letting head hanging dow