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Buying now, Dying later

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Buying now. Dying later , by Erik Pevernagie, oil on canvas,100 x 80 cm

Consumption may be considered as a "life purpose".

Consumers, however, are trapped by overconsumption and guided by phony enjoyment. Consumption is felt as a remedy against boredom and gives a sensation of power and supremacy, providing a feeling of standing out from the crowd by the extravagance of the purchases.

Many seem to suffer from an "obsessive compulsive disorder", as they want to buy, with money, which they don't have, things they do not actually need.

The "hidden persuaders" of Vance Packard make an effort to convince them that they are on the right track. By ignoring their addiction, though, they can become victims of severe financial miscalculations, as well.

Phenomenon: Consumption

Factual starting point of the pictureː Person with shopping cart