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Alors, tout a basculé

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Alors. Tout a basculé , by Erik Pevernagie,(80 x100 cm) , oil on canvas

The whole wire system of the brain could be disconnected in a spark of a second by a sometimes insignificant detail.

An unexpected incident or an innocuous phone call may provoke ethereal distress that might plunge one’s life into chaos and like a sudden twist of fate, overturn our mental frame, ransacking the assembled experiences of our history.

When we fail to reflect on the undercurrents of the circumstances of our life, we may have permanent misgivings about the quality of our interpretations. A lucid reading of our acts and our desires helps us to avoid tumbling into a frustrating gap between what we expect and what others expect.

An insipid voice message or an incongruent emergence from the “other” world may disrupt our whole thinking system. If we are not able to deal with the fragmentation of our self and assess the deconstruction of our identity, a corny incident could easily capsize our being. A misinterpretation of facts and expectations may perturb our awareness and unsettle our perception.

When “I” and “me” don’t get along very well, the road to oneness may be very often bumpy.

Phenomenon: Destiny, mental deconnection

Factual starting point of the picture: Man with telephone